About Zenpur

About Zenpur

6 years ago, our founder, Taoufik, walked to a cold market stall in northern Paris. For months, he struggled to make ends meet.

Talking to people in the market, one thing kept coming up. Sleep.

Bad sleep. Uncomfortable sleep. Sweaty sleep…

People were thirsty for sleep.

A few weeks later, Taoufik returned with beautiful European-made memory foam pillows.

They were very soft, very comfortable.

People had never seen or touched anything like it before.

The pillows were an instant hit. They sold like cold lemonade on a hot summer day.

Taoufik returned home very late at night that day. He put his whole heart and soul on a piece of paper:

“Growth underpins everything we do. Love is our main emotion towards our customers, employees and suppliers. Ethics is what we will not compromise on - in the right way, always. And improvement defines who we are, never satisfied, never resting.”

6 years later, it is still the same values that drive the ZenPur team. We create, source, manufacture and ship beautiful, comfortable products to our customers.

Help everyone sleep better. One night at a time.

Nous travaillons comme une équipe motivée qui propose des solutions innovantes et pratiques pour les dormeurs. Notre modèle commercial nous permet de fournir le meilleur service de notre industrie et, grâce à nos produits, nous travaillons dur pour établir des relations durables et significatives avec nos clients.

Times may have changed, but ZenPur's values and mission remain the same - to provide optimal comfort where it's needed most - in the home. A house you love to live in. After all, sleep is not only a biological need, but it is essential for well-being, health and coping with daily obligations.

Our customers' interests are always the top priority for us, so we hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them available to you.

We're proud of every night we've helped. And we look forward to helping you sleep better.

- ZenPur Family -


Nous travaillons avec les meilleures usines d'Europe. Le Pillow est fabriqué dans une usine à la pointe de la technologie avec un contrôle de qualité constant et où nous travaillons en étroite collaboration avec des designers pour continuer à améliorer la qualité de notre mousse à mémoire de forme et de la conception de nos oreillers.

Nos oreillers sont testés pour leur qualité et leur durabilité afin de garantir qu'ils dureront et maintiendront votre cou et votre tête dans la bonne position tout le temps.