Premium Mattress


Top Cover: Latex gel 4 mm, Foam 0.8 cm, VISCO 0.5 cm, TNT 17
Core: Memory Foam
Bottom: Fabric 3D White, Fiber, TNT
Border: 3D Aquamarine, Fiber, TNT
Ribbon: Aquamarine 40 mm

The Premium Memory Foam & Latex Mattress by ZenPur is designed for children, adults and seniors. Available in different sizes, the mattress contours body shape to provide the maximum comfort for quality nights.
In order to get the best from your mattress, we advise you to follow a few simple guidelines:

Unbox the compressed mattress.
Remove the protective wrapping.
Unroll the mattress to let it recover its full shape.
You can sleep on the mattress right away if you like, but some people prefer to let it air out for a little while first.