Conseils d'entretien pour vos produits Zenpur

Care instructions for Zenpur products

Proper care of your sleep products is essential for their longevity and efficiency.

Mattress care
Regular cleaning and care of your mattress is essential to prolong its life.
1. Make sure your mattress is properly supported.
2. Wash bed linen regularly.
3. Provide separate beds for your pets to snuggle up in.
4. Turn mattresses regularly.
5. Don't jump on the bed!
6. Let the light in from time to time.

Pillow care
Instructions for washing and maintaining different types of pillows.
1. Stuff pillows every day. Regular stuffing keeps pillows in good condition.
2. Vacuum foam pillows. Do not wash foam pillows!
3. Refresh pillows in tumble dryer.
4. Use pillow protectors.
5. Replace pillows after two years.

Proper care of your sleeping products ensures long-lasting quality and comfort.

Take a look at our Zenpur products and find out how to maximize their lifespan.
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