Needed a new pillow due to my allergies this is just what I needed it's comfortable a little softer the my old pillow which is also form but it supported my neck really well, my friend bought me a lilysilk pillowcase so everything was completely new so helps with sneezing nearly every morning I attach pictures apologies the case does need ironing would recommend.
George, United Kingdom
Made with sleep in mind
We know how important sleep is to our daily life. After all we all know that sleep is a third of our lives. When we set out to create Zenpur our goal was to find the best possible pillows, mattresses and bedding for incredible value. By making everything in Europe we knew we had quality the trick was to fit in great price. We think we managed and we're proud to have helped tens of thousands around the world with better sleep.



1. Create a Quiet Environment

While you do need to turn off your technology, it’s okay to listen to a little slow and calming music in the background two hours before bedtime. However, you want the environment quiet once you lay down to sleep.

The music shouldn’t be anything energizing or that you want to sing along with, though.

2. Stop Electronics Two Hours before Bed

So many people like watching movies before bed, but the truth is, falling asleep to movies and technology is counterproductive when it comes to ensuring a good night’s sleep.

Turn off your electronics at least two hours before bed and focus on low-tech, quiet activities at that point.

3. Set Your Bedroom Temperature Cooler

As mentioned earlier, keeping your room temperature between 18° and 19° celcius is optimal for the best high-quality sleep.

Not only is setting the temperature colder good for helping you sleep but it’s also helpful to your body overall – helping you get over colds and allergies, and encouraging proper hormone production.