About us

Before we started ZenPur, we used to work in the import of home furniture and bringing in great decorative pieces. It was a stressful job with lots of moving parts on all kinds of sizes and shapes. 

We noticed that the days we worked best were the days we had slept really well. But it was too random - some nights were good and some were not. So we wanted to see how we could make things more consistent. 

Of course there are dozens of factors that affect sleep quality. What you ate, the weather, the stress on the job or at home and much more. Many of these we can't control.

But some things we can control. We found that the first and most accessible part of improving sleep quality is having a good pillow. The neck position, strains, pains and even to some level snoring are related to having a good pillow. 

So we put our skills to work in finding the best pillow we could and testing dozens until we settled on our current design. 

Le Pillow was the beginning of our adventure in the world of (beauty) sleep and it has been immensely successful so far. With tens of thousands of people now sleeping better thanks to ZenPur. 

We're proud of every single night we have helped. And we're looking forward to helping you sleep even better. 



We work with the best factories in Europe. Le Pillow is made in a state-of-the-art facility with constant quality control and where we work closely with designers to keep improving the quality of our memory foam and pillow design. 

Our pillows are tested for quality and durability to ensure they'll last and keep maintain your neck and head in the right position all the time.