Filling: 100% Siliconized Hollow Fiber Polyester (900gr)
Cover: Polyester Microfiber Fabric

The ZenPur microfiber pillows will make your nights comfy, happy and unforgettable. Their hypoallergenic hollowfibre filling is designed to offer the same comfort and feeling of feather pillows while being suitable for allergy sufferers. The premium ‘peach skin’ microfiber cover is cool, breathable and extra soft. In order to get the best from your pillows, we advise you to follow a few simple guidelines:

 As soon as you receive your microfiber pillows, unroll to let them recover their fluffy shape, as they arrive rolled at your door to reduce packaging.
 To give your pillows more softness and a fresh feel, wash them before use with normal household detergents that do not contain bleach at cold or warm water temperature up to 85°F - 30°C.
 Do not iron and do not dry clean.
 Fluff your pillows daily for extra softness.
Use them on your bed or sofa to add extra comfort to every nap.